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Mother Mary Prayer

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A Prayer I received from the Blessed Mother Mary (Jesus mother)

Mother Mary

Come To Me Now,

As You Lay

Your Hands On Me

Please ,Remove All

Things In Me,

The Negativity That

Clouds Over Me.

Release It From Me now,

In the Name Of My

Higher Self.


Copyright© Anne Nina2009

Love & Angel hugs

Copyright© Anne Nina2009

Angel Hearts 

BY Jacki Hopper

They are there amongst us

No matter where we are or go

They sometimes will reveal themselves

Or just give us a sign of their presences

Just so we are in the know

Never alone are we

Always at our side

Keepers of our spirit and soul

The love and light they deliver

Gives us smiles inside

A true blossom of embrace

They have no definite creed or race

Neither holds a time or place

But sets forth at their pace

God is thankful for their being

As how they affect and change lives

From those of death

To ones who miraculously survives

What a blessing it is

To believe and know

How this special folks imparts

To establish themselves amongst us all

We give thanks ...

Angel Hearts...

Copyright~ Jacki Hopper 2009    

Healing Prayer by Anne 

Dear God

Thank you for this new day,today and everyday, send Your Angels especially Archangel Raphael to all who are here and our listeners and for those we cannot see or hear, but only You can. Surround us in Your White Light of the Holy Spirit, Emerald Green Light for all those who need Healing of the mind,body, and soul. Mary,Mother of God let us feel the Golden Light that emits from You and let it flow freely throughout our body and wash away our troubles and fears and replace it with Love and Abundance we so desparately need in these times. May this flow of Love continue on and hold it until we meet again next week.Thank you God for these Blessings....

Gratitude Prayer by Anne

Dear God

Thank You for this new day. Surround and Bless us with Your White Light of the Holy Spirit to protect us and bless us. Send your healing Angels to all of the people listening and to all the people in the Universe who need healing, comfort and strength and Love. Let our hearts open up and merge as one and let us feel the White Light cleanse and stream into our souls and wash away all negativity, restoring all as if brand new. As we visualize this as a warm bath of Light from the Sun as we rest in the light bringing us into peacefulness, good health, happiness. Let this feeling of Love and peacefulness stay with us and hold it till next week. Amen and thank you Angels!

Meditation for connecting to the most beautiful of all angels, Your Oversoul by Anne 

Let us begin, by taking a deep breath in......hold for a moment

Exhale, release all worries...Let it go.

Take another deep breath in, feel the body relax....hold for a moment

Exhale,feel the tension release from your neck

One last time, take a deep breath in. Feeling calm......hold for a moment

Exhale, release the last of all the residue from the body

Consentrate on your breathing.

Become One with your breath. Feel the calmness over take you

Now its time to enter the Divine Inner Chamber and ask to connect with your oversoul. You are in the Now.

Oh beautiful Oversoul, I am honoring you today by spending this quiet time alone with you, and to

receive further instruction, (you can now make your pleas to Heaven for assistance)

Trust in the Power of the Father,that Your Oversoul will search in the right categories for assistance in your requests.

Take a moment and take a deep breath in and exhale. One more time, take a deep breath in and exhale. You are now in the divine Connection point. Your Oversoul.

I am delighted to spend time alone with you at this very moment .

Stay here for a long as you want.

when you feel the energy lessen begin slowly consentrating on your breathing,

count to three: one ,two,three . Open your eyes.

Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God's love commits me here. Ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. AMEN.

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Poem by the Angels

Love is in the air and light surrounds you now.

Feel our golden wings, gently blowing back your hair.

We whisp around you in silvery threads,

Angels’ love like webs,

Around and around we go,

Loving you and enfolding you

Love is in your eyes,

In the whispers of the snow,

Love is in your heart,

Everywhere you go.

Bring light and love to those around you,

Bring light and joy to those you know and don’t know.

Bring us into your home

Into every nook and cranny

Love and light surround us

And we bring it to your home

Many, many times a day

We circle and we pray,

Living, loving, laughing

And comforting you on your way. 

Bring us to the store with you,

In your shopping bag and pockets,

Bring us with you when you go

Along you way today.

Be with us always

As we cradle love and devote ourselves to you.

We love you, love you, love you, now and always, now and always.

We love you now and always. 

Be with us today in the light

In the gardens of light

That live above you ever so slightly

To the left and to the right.

Be with us now in the garden of the light.

Share with us your worries, cares and joys

Bring us with you to your parties

Bring us outdoors.

Bring us with you every day in every way

To everyone you meet.

Let us uphold you in the light

Bring us joy from head to feet.

Let us serve you in your way,

Lighten every step

And be with us always in our hearts forever

To be with us, in joy forever more.


Oh Holy Father, come unto me who pray to you for guidance and strength. We are lost and lonely. Our souls yearn for a return to Your Grace. Let us not wander the Earth in search of anything more than Your Spirit, Your Life, and Your Energy. Come among us today and bring forth the change we so desperately desire. Bring us forth out of this misery into the light of Your Presence and Knowledge. Bring us back to Your Fold. Oh Lamb of God dispel the mysteries and make known to us that which You desire of us. Our world is in need of healing ,comfort, joy and love. Bring to all those who suffer relief from their anxiety and place in them an unbreakable bond of trust that Your Will is the Light of the World. That Your Will brings peace comfort and joy to all who listen. Bring it to the World now we humbly pray. Oh Lord of Hosts. Let Your Light shine upon the Earth and bring forth manifestations of Your Greatness. Let the meek inherit the Earth as Jesus said and let those who suffer be relieved. We ask this humbly to You Lord as a collective consciousness of man. Our hearts weep for You. We long for You. We seek You endlessly and learn from You all that we need to know to live joyful lives. Bring us back to Your Grace Oh Lord we pray. Instill in us worthiness that we may be worthy to stand before You and accept You in to our hearts and minds. Have mercy on this world and all who inhabit it. Bring us all to the place of rest and glory Amen.

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