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Be Alert Breathe In

Angel Message of The New Day

Stay Focused in your day to day ,your evening to sleeptime. Angels,loved ones,spirit guides,spirit animals,Saints, and The Almighty Father surround us in full spiritual ,Sacred ,Holy Love. Be it in your daytime or your sleeptime, keep close,listen with your heart,listen with your mind ,listen with ears...your Heavenly helpers are always near,guiding ,holding,loving,uplifting you ,cheering you on. You are not alone ..ever! Take a deep breath in ..exhale feel the joy,feel our wings wrap around you ,feel our love, Many answers to our prayers come to us from above through meditating,walking in the park,sitting in quiet, even in our dreams Keep a journal ,before you sleep ,write in your book all that happened that day. When you wake, do the same .If a dream is not understood, before you goto sleep ,ask your guardian angel why did you dream such a dream , upon awakening , you will be given the wisdom of the answers , help in ideas that you seek. Love on ,Angels on..Always remember God & the Angels love surrounds us all always!



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