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Oh Holy Father, come unto me,  who pray to You for guidance and strength.  We are 

lost and lonely. Our souls yearn for a return to Your grace.  Let us not wander the 

Earth in search of anything more than Your spirit, your life, and your energy.   Come 

among us today and bring forth the change we so desperately desire. Bring us forth 

out of this misery into the light of Your presence and knowledge.  Bring us back to Your fold.   Oh lamb of God ,dispel the mysteries and make known to us that which you desire of us.  Our world is in need of healing comfort joy and love. Bring to all those who suffer relief from their anx iety and place in them an unbreakable bond of trust that Your will is the light of the world. That Your will brings peace comfort and joy to all who listen. Bring it to the world now we humbly pray. Oh Lord of hosts, let Your light shine upon the Earth and bring forth manifestations of Your greatness.  Let the meek inherit the earth,  as Jesus said and let those who suffer be relieved.    We ask this humbly to You Lord ,as a collective consciousness of man.  Our hearts weep for You.   We long for You.  We seek You endlessly and learn from You all that we need to know to live joyful lives.  Bring us back to Your Grace Oh Lord we pray.   Instill in us worthiness that we may be worthy to stand before You and accept You into our hearts and minds.   Have mercy on this world and all who inhabit it.   Bring us all to the place of rest and Glory .   Amen.

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