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Healing prayer

Dearest God,


We/I ask that You and the angels surround (name)with the white light of the Holy Spirit and heal him/her. Please help (name) feel peace and happiness at this time. We/I ask that You send extra angels to surround (name) entire family with an extra cusion of Divine love. Help us/me to have faith and trust.


We/I know that You created (name) in the perfect image and likeness of Yourself. We/I ask that You, Holy Spirit, and the Archangel Raphael help (name) to know and experience this health in his/her physical body now.


We/I ask Archangel Michael to come to (name) now. Please cut away and release anything that is toxic and unhealthy in his/her body. Please surround him/her with healing energy.


Thank you so much.

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