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Angel Are With You

We come to you now on wings of fire

To burn away the lesser feelings of man

Let us consume and burn away those fears

Let us usher in the new age

Distinctly different, we surround all the Earth

Our Light shines forth before you

Your path is illuminated in the soft,orange glow

Of our wings and love lights

Shining forth from on Heaven and Above

We counsel you to slow down.

Take time 

Listen to your Heart,Mind and Body

Take time to reflect

Ask questions

Be curious

Honor the Father and Universal Energy

To bring you all you need

All you desire 

All you could possily want

Our Love is all consuming

We Angels who hover near

Let us minister to you

Let us heal

Call upon us in your darkest hour

Call upon us when you are light

We can come and make it right

Love is now abounding in and around you

Feel it lift your Soul

Give it respect and be One with the Flame

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