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personalized prayer of healing ,distant reiki for both person and animals


Distant Reiki offers the same benefits as hands-on Reiki: physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. For example, a distant Reiki treatment can provide pain relief for various illnesses and injuries, accelerated healing from surgery, emotional healing, including healing for behavioral issues, prevention of illness or accelerated healing of an illness, and can greatly ease the transition to death. Distant Reiki is helpful in healing family situations that may involve your animal and in helping human companions with the process of an animal's death. A distant treatment can also be sent to heal a traumatic event in your animal's past.

After a distant treatment, results can usually be seen in the next 24-48 hours. Although some conditions may require regular treatments to complete the healing process, dramatic shifts in healing often occur almost immediately. I will write personalized sacred prayer for you.

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