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Today's Angel Message is: Changes,new beginnings,new adventures


Are you feelig a little restless, uneasy feelings , not wanting to spend time with friends? Loving Angel energy surrond you NOW. Your Angels have been called forth to step in and assist all who are hurting, weary and unhappy. Feel the love and peace and joy we bring. SLow down, take some time and spend with your Angels. Pray with us, meditate with us in nature or in the comfort of your own home. Spending time anywhere you want or feel most comfortabke and safe. Close your eyes and visualize our wings wrapping around your shoulders. Many blessings and love that has been stored for you is being released to you right now. Many beautiful things coming: new places to visit, unexpected surpises, new peeople, give the Angels old thoughts,worries,fears and they WILL carry them away. Open your heart for the newness ad new journey you are about to embark on . Love on!

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