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" When the Dawn Inspires "...


As the beauty of it's glory

Wakens your heart and eyes

The magnitude of joy it brings

Never mind the hows and whys

Cascading down upon the land

It's perhaps God reaching out his hand

Embrace the colours alive

Motivates you

You will thrive

May a smile come across your face

Prayerful remembrance of a lost loved one

Be thankful for peace and grace

The music within the sky

Harmonious and in tune

Your heart dances to its rythmns

Contentment does bloom

Positive thoughts radiate

Hallelujah and Alleluiah

God is and we are Blessed

The sun shines miracles

Angels sing heavenly anthems

All is at best

Always believe

Manifest your true desires

See what happens

When the Dawn Inspires...

© Jacki2010

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